Tutorial of Fundracing Panel

Prop Trading Platform Fundracing Panel

Here’s a guide on Panel of Fundracing, funding your account with crypto:


    • Visit the Panel: Open your browser and visit the Panel.fundracing.co website.
    • Click on the Trade Accounts or Challenges Tab: Look for a dashboard user Trade Account section click on + or click on Challenges via tabs. You can also can visit this link: Panel.fundracing.co/dashboard/packages
    • Filter Packages: Based on the First Step, Second Step, or Purbo, you will have access to all challenges.
  • Complete order a challenge: After selecting your challenge, you will be redirected to another page where you can have access to put your coupon if you have one and then click on the purchase button.
  • Note: You should have sufficient credit in your account balance to enroll a challenge.
  • Account Balance:
    • Deposit: You may have access to the account balance by clicking on the wallet tab from any page in the panel.
    • Select the Payment Method: You can deposit by the following methods. Cryptocurrency, Paypal, and Credit Card.
    • Deposit by Cryptocurrency: By clicking on cryptocurrency from the left side, you will see the coins that are accepted by us. So after clicking on each of them, you may see your deposit addresses. If not, click on the “Generate address” button.
    • Leaderboard: By selecting a leaderboard item between the tabs, you will have access to leaderboards based on the challenges.